RRAR Rewind

Apple is coming to the Triangle!

Episode Summary

Join RRAR's CEO, Andrew Sims as he has a sit down discussion with Commissioners Vickie Adamson and Matt Calabria. They will discuss what Apple's arrival means to the housing market and future initiatives. Paul Kane, EVP/CEO of the Home Builder's Association of Raleigh, will discuss supply and demand and the current housing issues.

Episode Notes

2:02 - Introducing Commissioners Vickie Adamson and Matt Calabria and Paul Kane,  EVP/CEO of the Home Builder's Association of Raleigh

5:10 - Commissioner Calabria talks about Apple's announcement to move to the Triangle, and why they chose North Carolina

8:45 - How does Apple's arrival affect housing affordability?

12:05 - Commissioner Calabria discusses the economic impact Apple will have

14:30 - How the affordable housing bond plays into development and supply & demand issues in the builder community

29:30 - Community expectations with blended cultures moving to Wake County

33:10 - Apple's incentive package

38:24 - Adequate housing

41:30 - How can businesses/associations assist Wake County with equitable development

46:35 - Housing preservation fund