RRAR Rewind

Mental Health in the Real Estate Industry

Episode Summary

DEI Director Michele Xiong and Yasmine Debnam discuss mental health in the real estate industry. We are bringing this topic to light and talking about how firms can make this a priority for their employees.

Episode Notes

1:10 : Introducing Yasmine Debnam
4:24 : What was the point where Yasmine started you thinking about the mental stability of real estate agents?
7:20 : The stigma of the subject of mental health within the workplace
 9:10 : Burnout and how to identify the symptoms
12:44 : Conversations about what you can handle vs. striving for success 
13:42 : Added stress, new to the industry with COVID and no inventory.  How do you cope?
17:28 : Are firms taking a proactive approach to mental health wellness for employees?
20:16 : Opportunity gaps firms can do right now to help agents
24:48 : How to start conversations in your office about mental health in your own firm or with co-workers
28:44 : Tools and resources for individuals seeking  therapy