RRAR Rewind


Episode Summary

RRAR REwind has a candid discussion with Harriette Doggett, past President and Professional Standards expert. We talk about what an ombudsman is as well as other services provided by the association to uphold the industry ethical standards. We will also talk about what's happening in today's current market when it comes to ethical issues.

Episode Notes

1:50 - Introducing Harriette Doggett
2:25 - What the heck is an ombudsman?
5:45 - How to report a violation
8:28 - Mediation
8:47 - Arbitration
9:29 - Grievance Process
13:56 - Changes to the REALTORĀ® Code of Ethics
23:10 - Ethical issues in today's current Market

REALTORĀ® Code of Ethics
RRAR Professional Standards Services
Legal Q&A