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The Insider Discussion with Home Inspectors

Episode Summary

Listen in as we have a conversation with two expert local area home inspectors, Ed Roberson with Home Team Inspection Service and Jon Strout with WIN Home Inspection. We'll discuss what you and your clients need to know to help prepare and understand the home inspection process.

Episode Notes

1:16 - Introducing Ed Roberson, Owner of HomeTeam Inspection Services

2:28 - Introducing Jon Strout, Owner of WIN Home Inspection

3:38 - How our wild market is affecting home inspections

4:59 - What is the importance of a home inspection?

6:56 - What happens if a client disagrees with the inspection assessment?

8:22 - Why would you get a home inspection prior to selling a home?

10:30 - Common issues that surprise home buyers and sellers

13:12 - Things a REALTOR® can do to prepare clients for a smoother inspection

16:25 - What is the REALTORS® role during the selling/buying inspection process?

19:23 - What is the difference between inspecting a new and old home?

22:10 - Next steps after the home inspection

25:50 - Do you have clients that come back upset that you didn't find a problem that comes up later?

32:18 - Do home inspectors have set standards of practice similar to REALTOR® Code of Ethics?

32:42 - What is the weirdest thing you have found during a home inspection?

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